THE art


It all begins with the simple technical sketches by Sharon Berger and continues with accurate and colorful pantone drawings that illustrate her ideas. The garment comes to life in favor of pantones and color pencils, creating fabrics and volumes by drawing accents and hollows to demonstrate all the richness and subtle details of the model. It's vital to understand how it will fit the body and what will the style be. The illustrations serve a big part of expressing the designer’s initial idea and make it come alive.



Next is the materials choice – which fabrics and textures are ideally suitable for the specific model. We love to work with innovative fabrics in variable colors which make the designs of Sharon Berger outstanding and eye catching.


This stage is about understanding the sketches and which materials will be used to create the dress, so it will fit in a perfect way that will flatter the client. At this point the garment's silhouette is drawn precisely on a paper based on the calculation of the customer's dimensions. 


Once the pattern is ready based on technical drawings, we make toiles (prototypes). The studio works with neutral fabrics that are similar to the original ones and which are chosen for the way they fall, their weight and their softness. Usually it takes some fittings to adjust them in order to achieve the final design.



The final fabrics are cut, pinned and sewn. The neutral working materials are then being replaced by final fabrics with eye catching patterns. At this stage, the pieces are ready to be assembled - the front and back parts, skirt and straps are made out under the craftsman's scissors.


The different elements of a dress are now being assembled on a mannequin. After sewing all pieces together and adding all the zippers, straps, embroidery and beads, the dress is ready for its final fitting to determinate the perfect length. Our dresses and suits are designed in a fearless form and are all about eternal femininity.

final design
sewing sharon berger שרון ברגר